Hair salon program

Manage your salon comfortably

  • ✔ intuitive hairdressing calendar
  • ✔ reminder to visits via SMS
  • ✔ work schedules for employees
  • ✔ showcase of your salon
  • ✔ customer feedback
  • ✔ online booking

Hair salon management program for you

Thanks to Estetio, you can easily communicate with your clients, build a positive image of your salon, and effectively promote your services.

Optimize time

Our hairdressing program allows you to easily optimize team work time, which will improve customer service. Automatically arranged visits will relieve your team and employees will focus on their basic duties, becoming more effective. Analyze your team's performance, your clients' opinions, projected revenues. Easily determine the optimal action plan for the salon!

Your hair salon
Today, 11:30 AM
You have an upcoming visit tomorrow at 5:30PM. See you there!

Keep in touch

Contact with the customer is the basis of every business. So take care of him! Our software for hair salons allows for automatic reminders of upcoming visits via SMS. All you have to do is add a visit to your calendar along with the customer's phone number. That's all! The program itself will send a reminder to the customer about the upcoming date and time of visit. No more canceled dates! In addition, our application gives access to customer responses, so you can easily organize employee time in the event of any absences.

Online reservations

Customers have access to the 24/7 reservation system, thanks to which they are able to find a convenient date of visit to the salon at any time and from any device without direct contact with it.

Simple hairdressing calendar

Our hair salon software includes an easy-to-use and intuitive calendar that will keep everything under control - appointments, notifications, finances.


All necessary customer data in your database! You will gather the necessary data in one place: visits, opinions, photos, documentation, in a word everything you need.

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Effective promotion

Good advertising is invaluable in business. Thanks to Estetio you can reach your customers the way you need to. Our software has functionalities that enable creating a dedicated showcase of your salon on the booking page. Add an attractive message to customers, show your employees, present their qualifications, range of salon services, awards. Make yourself known from the best side!

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The highest standards of service

The Estetio hair salon management program is the perfect solution for both large and small salons. Thanks to the program's features, you'll be able to satisfy even the most demanding customers by offering them perfect solutions. You will improve your team's work, collect valuable statistics, create a customer database and much more. Estetio is also great as a beauty salon and barber shop program.