Your business beautifully organised

  • ✔ Online appointment booking system
  • ✔ Automatic SMS reminders
  • ✔ Clean calendar
  • ✔ Modern web page for your business
  • ✔ Employee and business rosters
  • ✔ Automatic collection of client feedback
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Customer self-service

Calendar available 24/7 to your customers on a dedicated page where they can check their upcoming visits and book new ones at any time, even if you can't pick up your phone.


Calendar management

Easily preview your schedule on a smartphone, change bookings, send automatic reminders via SMS and control your finances.


Consumer database

Everything your need to know about your customers in one place: upcoming visits, their feedback, photos from performed services and legal documents.

Online visit booking system

Now clients can book their own meetings at any time of day on a dedicated web page just for your business. All you need to know is set working ours and which employee can perform which service — and that's it, Estetio will do the heavy lifting!

Additionally the booking page is also a modern business card where you can introduce your services and your team to potential customers.

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Feedback and reviews system

Thanks to Estetio, you know instantly what your clients think about your services and your business. You receive new reviews and grades from clients in real time so you can work to improve the quality without delays and work with employees to solve issues quickly.

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On every device

You can access Estetio from your personal computer, laptop, tablet or a smartphone. Stay connected at all times, regardless where you are.


Extensive statistics

Estetio automatically calculates and displays current and predicted income, cancelled meetings and performance of each employee.

Beauty Studio
Today, 4:30 PM
Hello! You have an upcoming visit tomorrow at 5:30 PM. See you at Beauty Studio!

No more visits cancelled at the last minute!

Don't waste time on personally reminding each client about upcoming visits. Just add your customer's phone number to their profile and Estetio will automatically remind them ahead of time so you can focus on more important work.

For you and your employees

Share Estetio with your employees and receptionist. Employees have access to their calendars and can book new meetings for themselves or other employees.

More time for actual work

Picking up phones, manually booking visits and confirming them... That took most of my day. But I wanted to serve my customers, especially the loyal ones! Estetio took the burden off :) I can work longer, which brings more money to the business.
nail stylist, Wrocław Poland

Easier than I expected

I was afraid that at my age I won't be capable of using a modern tool. Luckily my younger employees quickly explained everything and it turned out I was worried about nothing. It's easier than ever before and I no longer have to use pen and paper. Everything is on my phone!
hair stylist, Wieliczka

My knowledge base

Estetio is helping with salon management, but most importantly it's making it easier to remember things about my customers. I can check at any time how often someone and track their progress. These are private details, so I'm glad I can keep them somewhere safe where only I can access.
physiotherapist, Toruń Poland